Tina Gutierrez | About

I regularly photograph members of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Linton Series, Concert Nova and faculty and students at CCM. I have also had numerous photographs featured on the cover of Movers and Makers Magazine as well as in one Grammy award winning CD and  one Grammy nominated CD

Headshots and Portraits
There is something magical about capturing the passion, no matter the age or physical characteristics: the art always emerges. People often ask how I get such a natural expression. well... I am a musician who has also studied art and dance, so I am really in love with all of the arts and have a special connection to them. Also I grew up in an Entrepreneurial Family so i Love business. I owned a bridal shop for over two decades

 and have served on the boards of many non-profits. In addition, I have studied Developmental Movement for over 10 years, including Feldenkreis movement and Alexander technique with some of the best teachers. These techniques help to me coach you thru a precise way of using the muscles in your face so that the camera sees your authentic self. It's not so much about the camera itself or the specific lens (although mine are state of the art). It's really about decades of studying the face and spotting the tiny micro-muscular movements, and the ability to clearly and comfortably coach my subjects to find those movements themselves . It's not a secret, it just comes with many decades of experience. P.S. I hate my picture being taken. I am totally sympathetic to those who hate it too. I Think that is why I applied myself to really learning this craft.  I also love shooting headshots, portraits, events and making fine art photography. 
Looking forward to meeting you soon and having a relaxed, and enjoyable session. I Hate my picture being taken so maybe thats why I take this so seriously... so you don't have to.